Procedure Change for Future Snow Days

Good Afternoon,

As you may be aware, we have already exhausted the five snow days that were built into this year's academic calendar. As a result, we will now be shifting to the use of remote instruction in the event of future cancellations. The staff have been working on developing plans that will be utilized for these days and we will be reviewing the effectiveness of them after the first two days are used. This will be measured by reviewing attendance as evidenced by the completion of the assigned work.

Listed below are some of the components of this plan. Additional information will be provided by your children's teachers.

  • The three remaining professional development days that are currently scheduled for March 16 and 17 and May 26 will be moved to the end of the year (June 20-22). These dates will now become student days. This will help assure that Friday, June 16 will be the last student day if the use of our remote day plan is successful. 
  • Following an evaluation of the first two remote days, they will either be continued or a decision will be made to return to the use of traditional snow days or any other possible alternatives that would meet the requirements set forth by the Maine Department of Education.
  • It is important to stress the need for a commitment to this remote snow day effort if it is to be successful. Teachers will be taking the time to emphasize these expectations with your students.
  • Since these are remote school days, our teachers will be available to students throughout normal school hours if questions come up. There will also be specifically scheduled teacher office hours.Teachers will be required to check their email regularly and follow up with any students who might be trying to contact them during the typical school day.

Again, we will monitor and evaluate the use of these days to determine if they are being implemented successfully or whether there will be a need for us to reconsider this approach.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us to make this effort successful.