SAD #44 Superintendent Search Community Survey

MSAD #44 is searching for a new Superintendent to begin during the 2023-2024 school year.  It is important to include input from our community in the process.  This survey will help us to better understand the characteristics you are looking for in school leadership as we look toward the future of our MSAD #44 community. We invite students, parents, staff, community members, and school board members to complete this survey by Tuesday, September 27th.

SAD #44 Superintendent Search Frequently Asked Questions

1) How was the interview committee chosen? 

It was important to have a diverse and varied representation of people from our district to help facilitate this process. The committee members were chosen based on their roles. Administrators, teachers, board members (chairs of each of the School Board sub-committees), PTA officers from each school, custodial and business office make up the eleven person committee.

2) What steps has the committee taken for the interview process?

Every member of the committee has:

  • Completed the extensive and mandatory MSMA anti-bias and confidentiality training

  • Formulated interview questions

  • Developed a process to  preserve transparency 

  • Encouraged community participation through surveys and this FAQ list.

  • Established timeline goals

3)  Does the Interview Committee actually choose the next superintendent? Who makes the final decision? 

This will be a school board vote. The committee is helping to facilitate the interview process and will make a recommendation to the board, but ultimately the board has the final say.

4) What if the committee chooses not to present a candidate at the end of the interview process? 

The board voted to do an internal search for the next Sad44 superintendent. In the event we feel the need to interview more candidates, we will extend the search outside the district.

5) What is the timeline for the process? 

The current Superintendent’s term ends on June 30th, 2023 and the committee is mindful of this date. We aim to complete the internal search process by the end of 2022. 

6) How many people have applied for the job and who are they?

Each committee member is to follow a strict confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss anything pertaining to applicants. Information will be shared/updated as it becomes available.