Good Afternoon,
This is Dave Murphy, MSAD 44 Superintendent of Schools, and today is Friday, March 11, 2022. I wanted to let you know that the transition our district made to optional masking earlier this week went extremely well. I am also very pleased to inform you that for the very first time since we initiated our pooled testing program in MSAD 44 this fall, every single pool from every school came back negative this week! That was certainly good news! 

I also wanted to be sure you were aware that we will not be conducting pooled testing next week because of the abbreviated student week due to the scheduled workshop days on Thursday and Friday.

Throughout the many challenges that we have faced over the past two years in dealing with this pandemic, the support we have received from our families and our community as a whole has enabled us to work together to effectively address the needs of our students. I cannot overstate how important that level of support has been to our school district.

Thank you!
Best wishes for a terrific weekend!