Telstar Middle and High School staff are working on a project for the district called 'A Portrait of a Graduate'. The high school is in the middle of their accreditation process, and through that schools need to have a Portrait that they use as a filter for programming, philosophy, and wants for our students. A big piece of this process is soliciting feedback from our community. District Staff and students have done similar surveys, but now we are looking for the input from our families and our community members who care about our district and our educational offerings for students. This information will be used to craft a vision and plan for our district going forward in what we want and can expect for skills, abilities and experiences for our students up and through graduation from Telstar High School. It is a brief Survey Monkey survey to fill out, we would appreciate your feedback! 

Here is the link: Parent and community survey 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

The survey will only be open until Wednesday, October 13th at 10am. Thank you! Mark