Dr. Murphy

Friday Update for May 21, 2021: Laptop/iPad returns; Homeschooled students returning to the district; Summer meals program; Public Budget Hearing.

As you are aware, part of our end of year routine is returning all laptops, iPads, and hotspots so they can be inspected, updated, and maintained over the summer. We have planned our device return schedule students will be able to retain access to their devices as long as our teachers need them to. With that in mind, the following schedule has been finalized. Seniors will be required to turn in their laptops and hotspots on Monday, June 7th. All laptops, iPads, and hotspots for all of our in-person students will begin remaining at school overnight on Monday, June 14th. This will allow teachers to begin completing their inventory and tracking down missing chargers, cords, etc. that might be missing. Remote students should return their laptops, iPads, and hotspots by Friday, June 18th. Please note that any high school students who will be participating in summer school will still be required to return their devices by these dates. Those devices will be updated first and returned to the student on the first day of summer school.
If you have had a child who has been homeschooled this year and you are planning to return to the district next fall, please be sure that you contact the office of the school your child will be attending to complete the enrollment process as soon as possible.
Thanks to the extension of the federal and state summer meals program, MSAD 44 will continue to provide meals for children in the area again this summer. More information about that will be available soon. This opportunity will again be available for all children up to age 18, whether enrolled in the school district or not.
Finally, the FY 22 MSAD 44 public budget meeting will be taking place next Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. This meeting will be held virtually only and will focus on providing interested citizens with an overview of the general fund and adult education budgets which will be voted on in the four district towns as part of the June 8 referendum. The proposed general fund budget shows an increase of just over 2%. Please note that no votes will be taken at the virtual public hearing. It is intended for information purposes only. By now, you should have received our mailing that provides the information that will also be shared in this hearing. If not, it is likely to arrive in the next day or two. A copy of the budget flyer and other background information for the proposed budget can be viewed on our website at www.sad44.org
The remaining weeks of the school year are always very busy ones for all our schools, so please be sure to monitor their websites and Facebook pages for new information as it becomes available.
Best wishes for a great weekend. Let’s hope some of the weather we have been seeing continues for the next couple of days!