Dr. Murphy’s Weekly Update for April 15, 2021

Click through for Dr. Murphy’s weekly update, which is again going out a day early this week to outline tomorrow's plan in the event of inclement weather. In addition, there is information about the last day of school, next year’s school calendar, kindergarten registration, and students who may be returning next year from homeschooling. Best wishes for a great weekend and a terrific April break.

We are hoping Friday’s forecast is just a late April Fool’s joke! On Monday night, Dr. Murphy announced that the last day of this school year will be Thursday, June 17 and that it will be a half day. If we end up having bad weather tomorrow, rather than changing that date to Friday, we will utilize the remote learning modified day plan that was developed earlier this year. Teachers will be available to check in with students in the morning and the projects that had been developed earlier this year will be the focus of the day. Dr. Murphy has asked that all staff review those plans with their students today in the event that we need to make that decision for tomorrow.

The 2021-2022 MSAD 44 School Calendar was approved by the School Board at Monday night’s meeting an, although these remote project days will continue to be utilized next year, they will be incorporated only after the use of five traditional snow days, which have been built into the calendar. This will allow us to make use of the remote days if we end up having a severe winter but will allow us to focus on the use of traditional snow days initially. A copy of next year’s calendar can now be found on the district web site.

Registration for our incoming Kindergarten students is now open and families are asked to contact the Woodstock or Crescent Park Elementary Schools to begin that process as soon as possible. Additional information can be found on the school websites and/or Facebook pages (WES Kindergarten Info, CPS Kindergarten Info). If you know of any families who may have children who are planning to enroll next year, please help us spread the word. We are also accepting applications for enrollment in the early Kindergarten program for next year. Please contact the Crescent Park School office or check the school’s Facebook page for more information.

Any families who chose to homeschool their children this year because of the pandemic but plan to have them return to school in the fall should also contact their school’s office so the children can be included on class lists for next year. 

That’s it for this week.

Best wishes for a great weekend and a terrific April break!