Lockdown Drill

Some of you may already know, but not everyone may be aware that we are holding our first Lockdown Drill day this Thursday, September 21st, at all of our buildings here in MSAD#44 except for TFA.

We will be assisted by our district consultant Scott Parker who has enlisted the OCSO, Bethel Fire, Woodstock Fire, and Bethel Rescue to help us with our training. This is also a training event for their staff too.

During these drills, the office phones will be monitored but may not be answered, as well as no one to answer the front doors. If you need to pick your student during a time that falls into the drill windows, please communicate with the respective office ahead of time and they will make arrangements for you and your student to be available. If you drop your student off during the drill or they arrive at school during the drill, they will need to wait outside of the building until the drill is complete.

Drill times at each complex are as follows: Telstar (MS/HS). 8:30-9:15

CPS 10:00-10:45

WES 12:45-1:30

The teachers have been reviewing with the students the protocols to follow during such an event so that they are not scared. These are drills, not surprises, so it is okay to talk about it with your students is perfectly okay to do! If you have any questions or if they come up with questions you are not sure about, please reach out to the building administrator or their homeroom teacher/RAP/Satellite Teachers prior to the drill on Thursday.

Attached is a copy what is called the Parent Information Sheet and the SOP, Standard Operating Procedure that we follow district wide.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this interruption in the school day so that we can be state compliant. Our main goal is that we can practice so it helps our students and staff be as safe as possible in the case we ever have to face an emergency.