Technology Professional Learning


Educator Micro-credentials are a professional and serious evolution of Scouting Merit Badges. Earning them allows an educator to show, in a rigorous and valid way, what skills and competencies they have mastered.

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Tech Coaching

Do you have an instructional or teaching problem or challenge you’d like help solving or overcoming? Mike Muir can provide 1on1 Tech Coaching to help you resolve your issue.

Coaching starts with you identifying a problem of practice. Together we research possible solutions and choose one to try out in the classroom. Then we work together to successfully implement the solution. In addition to researching and problem-solving support, coaching can include Mike’s teaching model lessons, co-teaching, or simply observing and providing feedback.

Coaching cycles are typically 8 weeks.


Recertification Credit

Do you want recertification credit for your Tech PD (Tech Coaching or Micro-credentials)

  • Get permission by filling out this form (you’ll have to make a copy)

    and submitting it to the Certification Committee (LLC)

  • Once approved, be sure to log your hours!